When you are running a smaller or even solopreneur thriven business it is important to have a solid support group on your side to help you out in hectic periods and with unexpected challenges.
It will save you a lot of time and stress in periods of need. Do you already have your support team ready?

Here’s a little checklist for your to go over and complete (for the area’s that match your business):

0 Personal Back Up (who takes over when you are sick/ longterm absence);
0 Ad Hoc help for busy periods;
0 Last minute baby/ pet sitter;
0 Personal care assistance (GP, physiotherapist, emergency dentist);
0 Business coach/ senior in your field.

0 IT hardware/ software support (what happens when your pc crashes);
0 Website/ hosting support;
0 Bank/ Paypal/ Payment support;
0 Insurance contact person;
0 Business lawyer/ mediator;
0 Tax advisor/accountant;
0 (Dutch) translator.
0 ANWB / garage / car and transport assistance.

Feeling like there is something or someone important missing? Let us know!

Wishing you a lovely week,

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