Month: May 2018

Easy Going

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“What would you do if it were easy?” When I first started with my coach Katrina Ruth this was the question that I got every other day (or maybe even multiple times per day at one point). I felt so stuck in what I expected of myself, my business, my life, that it felt a […]

Taking a Break

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Taking a full on 100% break from my business has always been a problem for me. Sure, I would book my holidays and got to unwind after a day or 3 while I slowly detached from my business. That part went OK-ish. Going back to work was the major problem! It would take me weeks […]

Keeping Track of Time

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As a sole proprietor in the Netherlands it is a a must to keep track of your time if you want to be eligible for the self employment deduction: lowering your annual profit with 7.280 Euro (ever single year) if you have worked at least 1.225 hours on your business(es). Aside from keeping track of […]

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