As a sole proprietor in the Netherlands it is a a must to keep track of your time if you want to be eligible for the self employment deduction: lowering your annual profit with 7.280 Euro (ever single year) if you have worked at least 1.225 hours on your business(es).

Aside from keeping track of this for your income tax return it is also a fabulous habit to develop if you want to work more efficiently and aligned with your Soul Feelings.

Simply add a ‘type’ of task to your overview (date, amount of time, description of task) and you can filter out how long you are spending your time with tasks you absolutely LOVE, and what should go asap.

Last year I really noticed that I was spending way too much time on email. A solution could have been that I simply asked my VA to take over more emails, but time wise you are not saving anything then.

So, I sat down and took 5 minutes to filter out what type of emails we most often get, plus another 5 to make a bucket: a list with anything that comes to mind. A big fat blurrrrr of solutions, thoughts, etc.

I literally just write everything down I can think off within that timeframe and don’t stop to overthink. It gives you THE BEST INSIGHTS! For me that came in setting up an automated email reply in which we cover the most asked questions, a Q&A page on the website, and made a welcome package for all new clients with all general and important information.

It reduced our emails by 30%