Taking a full on 100% break from my business has always been a problem for me.
Sure, I would book my holidays and got to unwind after a day or 3 while I slowly detached from my business.

That part went OK-ish.

Going back to work was the major problem!

It would take me weeks to feel like I was back on track and into a flow that felt good for me. I could never figure out why this part was so hard. I had become self employed to enjoy my life, right?

It turns out that taking a break is not a solution that works for me (or most other serialpreneurs). Running a business that doesn’t suck energy suits me so much better. By replacing my focus on enjoying 100% of my (business) life I no longer need to take a break to recharge.

I do still take little breaks, will go out to a restaurant for lunch, or even turn my laptop off for quite some hours if I go to a party or take my son swimming. This is actually the time that I come up with the most creative ideas (which are then scribbeled on the nearest iPhone or piece of paper).

To make sure that I keep enjoying my (non)working I simply ask myself:
What is it that I need today?

And then I listen to what comes up.