“What would you do if it were easy?”

When I first started with my coach Katrina Ruth this was the question that I got every other day (or maybe even multiple times per day at one point).

I felt so stuck in what I expected of myself, my business, my life, that it felt a little bit overwhelming.
And by a little I mean a shitload.

I finally stepped up to admit that my dreams and goals were BIG, way bigger than I could even imagine. I had this clear vision of an empire with multiple businesses, even more freedom and yes lot’s of followers and profit.

Beautiful, but scary stuff.

They are BIG DREAMS. And when you want more it get’s more difficult to achieve, right?
The more your goals seem currently out of reach the harder the work must be.

It will take EXTRA dedication. Harder work. And oh way more energy to get more.
Doubling your profit means doubling your time.

Yeah, but no.

It really doesn’t

(Unless you only work on an hourly tariff, then YES twice the profit means twice the time. From one empire builder to another: stop doing that NOW. It is not scalable and you are taking your freedom away.)

When you feel a little lost in your ambition just focus on the result instead of the process (the how).
Imagine that you have already achieved the outcome of your bigger goal.

What are you doing? How does that feel?
How did you get there?

Do you feel how easy that was to get there?!

Now, it is that easy.. so what is the next step for you to take to get towards your desired result?

You will know what to do now.


No, not really.

You are simply taking your worries and anxiety out of the path towards your goal by focussing on the result rather than the process.

Good luck!