Month: June 2018


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Girl, it is time to bust this up your To Do list – to let’s say….. today. Having an emergency buffer is extremely important if you are (on your way to being) self employment, and/or traveling as it will cover your bum when you need it and makes you feel more secure about not taking […]

The Working Hours Benchmark; Urencriterium

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When someone is starting up their first free lancing adventure it is the second thing that I shout towards them after ‘’Keep a copy of all your invoices and receipts’’;   “Keep track of all time that you spend on your business”   Yes, it is not the most fun thing to do, but here’s […]

Let Go

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Let go and surrender. You don’t have to save and solve it. Let go and surrender. The universe has got your back. Let go and surrender. It does not have to be hard all the time. What would you do if it was easy? Seriously. Ask yourself this question and the right solution will pop […]

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