It is one of the mantra’s that that keep me on track: “macro patience, micro speed”
Learned from the KING of patience; Gary Vaynerchuck.

It is so important to often check in with yourself if you are not letting yourself to get caught up in all the daily madness, if you are still going steady towards your goals, still on the right track.

I often get messages from entrepreneurs that are thrilled that they went full speed and nailed a module in their course. Great! As long as it is in regards to a micro speed subject such as blogging, your administration, taxes or anything else short term.


“Let’s move on, I already nailed that mindset stuff” is what someone told me the other day in a coaching call. – that was my cue to double her mindset work. If you think you can rush through the materials, just read it and wait you don’t get it.

And if you don’t get it you are not ready to make it BIG as success is all about mindset.

It is about knowing yourself, your patterns, your habits, to break through your fears, to be able to make decisions and stick by them.

It is the MACRO. The long term. The foundation of YOU.

Well, at least it is if you would like to live a happy life and stay (semi) sane 🙂

Macro patience, micro speed.

It is a process.

Enjoy it.