Serious Business

SErious Business by Kim de Jong is the English division of House of Tax; the online Tax & Admin consultancy for digital nomads, bloggers and online entrepreneurs who have their business registered in the Netherlands.

We understand how overwhelming it can feel when you find yourself lost in translation between a language you don’t speak, and laws you are not familiar with. This is why we always make sure to take the time to explain the HOW’s and WHY’s to you, and have several translations available (e.g. an English tutorial for BTW returns).

Kim de Jong RBc (registered at the Register Belastingadviseurs) and her team all have an extensive background in finance, accounting and taxation, and attend regular scholing to stay up to date. In addition, Vera Verlooij holds a Master in Law and specialises in both Tax & Legal (mediation, contracts, terms & conditions, etc.)